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Acting Smarter to Feel Stronger

Hello acting friend! It’s Laura Mac here!!

I could not be more excited about the results coming in from the Academy. Every semester the Associates and I get to watch actors just like you take the reins on their career AND learn how to act BETTER – with more authenticity, more specificity and more ACTIVITY.

Because the fact is, if you want to be a stronger actor, you have to be a smarter actor.

That’s right! You can’t just get an agent or manager and hope someone gives you the opportunity to have the career of your dreams, you have to BUILD it.

Trust me: If you don’t consistently spend time improving your craft, you won’t get any better. And if you’re not the best at your job that you can be, your acting career won’t go anywhere.

How do you start acting smarter to feel stronger?

Being purposeful about every - single - aspect - of being - an actor.


  1. Identify what you want most for your career
  2. Identify how you show up on camera
  3. Identify the building blocks of who you are as a person that go into who you are as an actor
  4. Practice breaking down a no line script into actions and reactions.
  5. Build your Acting Avatar
  6. Identify your Avatars default actions and reactions
  7. Identify where your Acting Avatar fits in your desired market.
  8. Practice playing for genre and story
  9. Identify the members of your team
  10. Practice playing through actions and reactions
  11. Assess and improve your marketing material
  12. Play a scene that is perfect for your avatar and serves you as a business
  13. Examine how you spend your time and money
  14. Practice Cold Reading
  15. Set Goals that build smart actor habits
  16. Review Past Work
  17. Set a Plan for Moving Forward
  18. Play a scene to serve your Business Partners
  19. Share your progress with your agent and manager
  20. Test your actions and reactions: Play a dream scene

Once completed, you’ll be miles ahead of where you are now in your acting craft and career development.

Next step? Go back to number 1 and complete the list again!

That’s what it means to act smarter to feel stronger.

So off you go! Get to work!

PRO TIP: There’s 1 main predictor of success as an actor: Your Acting Community.


Becoming a full time working actor takes a ton of dedication and specific, consistent work.

It takes time, it takes focus and it takes feedback.

Doing that work alone will only ever result in what you can accomplish as an individual.

To get to the top of your game, you must surround yourself with people who are aiming for the top of their game as well.

People who will push you outside of what you already know.

That’s why I designed The Laura Mac Method Academy online acting class. A program for actors who are dedicated to becoming the very best they can be – both in their acting craft and their career development.

The Academy isn’t like a traditional acting class. In fact, it’s not like any other acting class out there (we’ve looked).

Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of benefits to the traditional style acting class; it’s a great place to show up, perform, and get notes and feedback from an instructor. We all need feedback on our work! Acting class is also a great place to meet fellow actors! I met some of my best acting friends through traditional acting classes.

But you're not going to complete tasks 1-20 outlined above in a traditional acting class.

And you’re not likely to move your career forward through a traditional acting class.

If you want to join a community of actors who are just like you, committed to making the dream of acting on camera a reality, committed to improving their craft, their business, themselves; who are excited to root you on and support you through your acting journey– then the Laura Mac Method Academy is the place for you.

2 acting classes a week for 10 weeks – all 20 tasks – supported by The Foundations video series, guided by a fully fillable, specialized syllabus (aka the acting journal of your dreams) and led by not one but by two Laura Mac Associates with a max of 8 actors per team.

PRO TIP: If you really want to be a full time, working actor. You have to start putting in full time work.

I’m speaking from experience here.

My work as an actor is finally in the pocket and it’s because I’ve finally filled in all the blanks – mastered each step of my game.

After literal decades of wanting and trying, I’ve learned to distill everything I’ve been taught and learned into simply choosing strong actions for each beat of every audition scene.

I’m sending audition self tapes that I’m really proud of. Casting in my city knows exactly who I am and brings me in for great auditions all the time. I’m auditioning, being pinned and booking consistently.

The key is that it happened in that order:

  1. Fill in the blanks and find myself in my work.
  2. Create work that I’m proud of.
  3. Auditions increase.
  4. Bookings become inevitable.

Now I want to help you do the same. Check out the Academy to see if it’s right for you! And if you’re not ready for in person acting classes and want to improve your acting career on your own time; check out the Foundations program. It’s the perfect way to work on your acting craft and career development without having to attend a class.

You got this! And my team and I are here to help.