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A callback is a follow-up audition that you may be invited to after impressing the casting director in your initial audition. A callback typically involves a smaller group of actors who have been shortlisted for a role, and it provides an opportunity for the production team to see how well you fit the character and the vision of the production.

For example, Emma Stone got her role in La La Land after a callback audition where she sang and danced with Ryan Gosling. She later won an Oscar for her performance. A callback audition can also be a chance for you to ask questions, get feedback, and show your personality.

What Happens During Callbacks

During a callback casting directors may ask you to perform additional scenes, read from the script, or participate in improvisation exercises. The production team may also direct and critique you to see how well you can follow and apply their suggestions to your performance.

So don’t let callbacks scare you. They are a sign that you have impressed the production team and that they want to see more of you. Just be confident, prepared, and flexible, and you’ll have a great chance of landing the role.