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Actors Toolkit Mastery


Hello, and welcome to the Laura Mac Method! We'll be teaching you how to become a full-time actor and acquire the skills that will not only help you nail plenty of auditions, but also make you look great on the big screen. This program is the result of many lifelong actors and acting coaches coming together to provide an unparalleled experience for actors of all levels who wish to improve their craft.

Ultimately our goal is to teach you all things acting. This includes terminology, techniques, audition preparation, how to book gigs, interpreting breakdowns, and more. Along the way you will also learn about the mentality of an actor, and things you can do in your everyday life unrelated to acting that can also help serve your acting career. No stones are left unturned. Everything you need to know to become a skillful and full-time actor lies ahead inside this course.

How It Works

Depending on your experience level, parts of this course will either appear or be hidden from view. You can change your acting experience level on the settings page by clicking the gear icon under your profile's avatar. Once you've chosen the appropriate experience you will only see the content relevant to your skill level.

Beginners will be introduced to the concepts, ideas, and terminology required to know before moving to the next lesson. Intermediate level actors will see a reduction in beginner content, sparing them of any unnecessary reading or lessons that they're already acquainted with. Advanced level actors will see the bare minimum of beginner content.


Throughout this course under certain lessons you will encounter resources. The resources section will contain homework-related links and additional learning resources. We highly recommend checking out the additional learning resources if you're a motivated learner. These resources offer different perspectives on topics throughout the course and will help give you a more well-rounded understanding of them. However, consider these additional resources supplemental, as they are not required to learn acting.

Asking For Help

At any point in time you can always reach out to the coaches, or staff if you have any questions about acting or the course itself. We can be reached via social media, our discord channel, or by direct email at If you would like to sign up for our acting classes, you can sign up for the Academy if you haven't already. You can view the schedule for acting classes here. Alternatively you can book a one on one coaching session with Laura Mac and the associates.

The Academy

Signing up for the Academy grants you access to our standardized, professionally coached online acting classes for one semester which spans 10 - 12 weeks. There are four semesters per year however, giving you plenty of options for deciding in which semester you wish to attend your classes. We hold a morning class and an evening class. Sign up now if you haven't already before seats fill up! Normally there's two coaches teaching each class and each class contains a total of 8 students each. These classes expand upon the lessons you will learn from this course. Additionally, they offer unique training, extra homework, self-tape reviews and more. They also provide a supportive environment to learn acting alongside other motivated actors.

Academy memberships are typically vetted to filter actors who are just beginning from experienced actors. This helps us maintain a balance of skill between classmates for better continuity, and so beginners don't feel like things are moving too fast. If you're beginning your acting journey now, we implore you to finish this course before you sign up for classes.

With that being said, we're not ruling out or opposed to giving chances to motivated individuals who have yet to finish the course. If you learn fast, are dedicated, and have done enough research to know the basics, feel free to apply for the Academy anyway.

The Academy classes are led by seasoned acting coaches meticulously handpicked through a rigorous selection process to ensure they're the perfect fit for the job. You can learn more about our coaches here, just remember that as a formality of the Laura Mac Method, we'll be referring to them as the Associates.

What's Next

After you've completed this course, you'll have all the tools, knowledge, and practice you need that will empower you to continue elevating your craft. Essentially, you'll have a foundation of the fundamental acting skills that will help get you auditions. There's plenty of advanced techniques and methods you'll learn that you won't perfect overnight. It would take years of any skill level to adequately develop much of what is taught in this course.

Lastly, you should know every lesson in this course is designed to be built upon the last, so don't skip anything! Skipping lessons can hinder your experience by creating gaps of knowledge that skew your understanding of acting. We encourage you to take breaks when needed and learn at your own pace! Let's begin, shall we?