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Hi, I'm Laura Mac and I'm a Working Actor

I’ve known I was going to be an actor since I was in kindergarten. I was involved in every play that I possibly could into, whether it was through my school, the town, or the local university, I was there. They even gave me an award for my dedication to the theater.

When I graduated from high school, I went right into one of the most reputable formal acting programs in the country – earning both a bachelor’s degree AND a conservatory diploma.

When I left college 4 years later, I believed in my heart that I was READY.

I was trained. My career would happen.

And when it didn’t, I just waited. Waited for something to happen.

I did a few rounds of agency submission without a bite, so I just focused on taking acting classes, picking up work as a server, and shooting new headshots every 6 months.

After 2 years of this, still no agent, I decided the city was the problem! so I moved to a different one! and got another serving job! and found new acting classes! shot more headshots!

Finally, I managed to get an agent from a friend referral and I sat on their roster for, no kidding, 1 full year without a single audition.

Of course, I assumed that it must have been their fault, not mine, so I got another agent! and went another 6 months without any auditions before deciding that again: “They are the problem, not me!”

Finally, on my third agent, 7 years after leaving theater school (and after a breakup naturally) I woke up and realized that waiting simply didn’t work (in any area of life!) and I began my search for what did work.

I found mentors and coaches who helped me start to understand that my job as an actor is about so much more than talent!

Proper audition technique.

Marketing material.

Industry relationships.

Goal setting.

Market research.

Positive mindset

and healthy habits.

Things I did not focus on building for the first 7 years out of theater school. Looking back, I don’t regret a minute of the journey that got me to where I am now, but! That doesn’t mean I don’t want any actor to get stuck in the same waiting game. It takes too damn long and doesn’t go anywhere!


The Laura Mac Method is designed to teach you everything an actor needs to know to get away from waiting and get into the career you really want for yourself.

My goal in designing the Foundations and Academy programs is to not only give you the in’s and out’s of how to become a full time working actor, but to provide you with the ability to master every skill, alongside a supportive online community who are available every step of the way.

✅Scene breakdown skills

✅Performance prep skills

✅Audition technique

✅On Set Acting Technique

✅Craft development

And at the same time: learn how to become the CEO of You.Inc

As an actor,  you’re the founder and creator of a business with one product, yourself.

✅Examine the needs of your local production market

✅Identify where you uniquely fit

✅Create marketing material that align you with the right opportunities

✅Create a sustainable plan for the future

✅Find the support you need to make your career FUN and REWARDING (what a concept!l)

When you learn how to take yourself, as the wonderfully valuable person you are, with values and experiences that give you your unique perspective, and use THAT as the basis for everything you do as an actor; the sky is truly the limit.

When I started building the Laura Mac Method back in 2017, I had no idea that I was starting an online acting school, but I did know that there must be a tangible way to actively achieve success as an actor. And there is.

It’s been the journey of my life since then to create the program that you see today. It was my great privilege to dedicate thousands of hours into answering the 2 questions that every single one of my acting students have begged me to answer since my first commercial acting workshop:

Can I be an actor? Yes.

How? Like this.

Already, hundreds of actors have proven that I’m not crazy - you really can be in control of your acting career.

The Associates and I have gotten used to actors telling us that we’ve changed their lives, but that by no means goes to say that we take that for granted.

The truth of it is in one of our favorite mottos: The Work Works.

We are doing the work for ourselves too, and it’s changing our lives just as much.

It has certainly profoundly changed mine.

In 2017, I was a semi successful commercial actor

As I sit here today I can say that:

  1. Last week I shot principal role on a MOW for Lifetime,
  2. Next week I’m shooting an episode of a great comedy for NBC
  3. Yesterday, TWO of my recent roles aired: Lynette in episode 202 of Showtime’s “Yellowjackets” AND  Singing Server in “Prom Pact” for Disney+ (two in the same day?! That’s nuts!)
  4. 2 days ago I found out that a beautiful feature I shot 2 years ago called Daughter of the Sun is preparing a press pack for the premiere.

A simple shift in mindset, shift in goal setting, shift in community, shift in perspective changes EVERYTHING.

Simple doesn’t mean easy, hard work is hard, that’s why we call it that. But as the brilliant Glennon Doyle says - We Can Do Hard Things!

Especially with the right tools and a great community.

Thank you so much for reading and for being here with me; I can’t wait to see what happens next!